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What I did @ AAA – The Auto Club Group


AEM Content Authoring

Create & Modify:

  • AEM Components (both native and custom)
  • Page Templates
  • Experience & Content Fragments
  • Live Copies

Digital asset management

  • Crop & edit images
  • image tagging

Tools & Skills

CMS Platform

  • Adobe Experience Manager Touch UI 6.5

Project management:

  • JIRA
  • Slack
  • Zoom & Blue Jeans

Editing tools:

  • CSS compiler
  • HTML
  • Photoshop

The Highlight


I coordinated with designers and developers to migrate the existing site from its current platform (Microsoft ASP.NET) to Adobe Experience Manager Touch UI 6.5.



See the AAA site


AEM Content Authoring

On a macro-level view, my role was to author 300+ webpages in AEM, Touch UI 6.5, under tight time-constraints.

Part for my role in this capacity was to take designs and visuals from Sketch and Adobe XD, and translate them to AEM pages, components and experience fragmments.

I was also tasked with documenting any design opportunities and challenges within the AEM framework.

Experience Fragments

I created dozens of Experience Fragments, often based on what content was specific to users of a specific State in the U.S.

Many of these Experience Fragments involved editing components and copy, as well as choosing images that would reflect the weather conditions and culture of each state.

Live Copies

As part of multi-site management, and creating a UNIQUE user experience, I was tasked with Creating and Synchronizing (rolling out) Live Copies, based on geographic locations.

The live copies were based on a page BLUEPRINT template, with each live copy authored to contain specific content geared towards the user’s state.

For example, when a State of Florida visitor entered the AAA Membership page, they would see content, experience and content fragments specific to their state, as opposed to a State of Indiana visitor.

Components: Editing & Modifications

My day-to-day activities included editing & modifying AEM Components using CSS & HTML editing tools. This was often done to ensure the components behaved properly on all devices, as well as for readability and ADA compliance.

I also coordinated with designers and developers to develop new and/or improve existing components in order to enhance the user experience.


I conducted cross-browser and mobile environment QA testing.

Tested, documented and resolved Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) issues.

Digital Asset Management (the “DAM”)

I also was tasked with organizing and maintaining specific asset folders, including images, documents and videos.

Part of this was creating and maintaining proper naming conventions, tagging and “alt” tag management.

My photoshop skills came into play quite often, as images sometimes needed cropping and/or Lightroom enhancements.

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