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Responsive & Clean Design for Busy Solo Practice

Stillson OBGYN’s site is a responsive web design to allow optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices—whether you’re on a smartphone or a 27” monitor.   It allows easy reading and navigation without the drudgery of resizing, panning, and scrolling or the time and expense of building customized mobile apps for the major platforms.

Every physician office has its own story.  Every doctor, their own voice. How do you communicate the expertise and personality that each doctor has without the website getting in the way?  Welcome to the key challenge I faced throughout the design process and the question that kept me revising and subtly tweaking until the message and site were clear and in sync.   The result is clean and elegant and, better yet, it guarantees that the spotlight remains on the physician’s office.

stillson obgyn | medical website design

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Stillson OBGYN is able to manage their content easily and quickly

Content Management

I customized the back-office environment of WordPress into and easy-to-use content management system, so that Dr. Stillson’s office can easily update their website content without having to call for help from me or any Web developer.

The backoffice works much like a word-processing software, like Microsoft Word.  Their office can easily add text, photos and videos or create and edit new pages in a breeze.

Upload Patient Forms On-The-Fly

Standard with all my interactive website offerings, the File Manager tool enables Stillson OBGYN to upload files directly to their website all through a web browser and the content management system I set up for them.

Patient form module | website design for doctors

mobile phone design for doctors

Phone Ready

  1. Automatic mobile device detection.  The Stillson OBGYN website is able to detect if a visitor is on the mobile site, and displays their mobile website instead of the regular website automatically. This way users don’t need to find a special mobile web domain name – the site figures it out for them.
  2. Easy navigation.   Big buttons that are easier to press to avoid the “fat finger” issue when tapping the screen.  Easy navigation to most important pages within one or two clicks.
  3. Click-to-call Phone Number.   Calling their office from a phone is easy. Visitors to their website are only a click away from connecting.
  4. Google Mobile-Friendly.   On April 21, 2015, Google started to use its new algorithm to identify and label websites that are mobile friendly. If your website is awarded the mobile friendly label, it will rank higher in the mobile search results.

I technically optimized the site for search engines

Patients need to find Stillson OBGYN’s office in order to receive their medical services, and showing up in search results is a necessary first step. Making sure this happens required in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing technical tactics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

My experience and study of the latest search visibility algorithms and strategies was brought into play.  I optimized the website’s sitemap and registered it with Google and Bing to make sure each new page was quickly indexed for search.

I wrote custom title tags optimized for search engine visibility, and built the site to be mobile responsive and search friendly. Plus I adhere to other best practices including duplicate content prevention, semantic HTML markup and more so that the focus was on content.

search engine visibility for doctors

Personalized and Search Engine Optimized Pages

all of our websites have highly personalized and search engine optimized pages.

More details …

Their site is built on industry-leading software: WordPress

Don’t get locked into proprietary software. I build on WordPress. I customize the platform like crazy and their site design is like no other.

Text and Image Editing

Stillson doesn’t just add an image, they can edit it. Built-in image modification makes every picture a good fit.

Extremely Search Engine Friendly

The software is super search engine friendly. We took it a step further though, and installed various functions and plugins that proactively alerts Google and gang of any changes, cleans the site so that the engines have an easier time of crawling, etc.

Edit/Create New Menu Items

As their content changes, they are able to adjust your site navigation accordingly. The noffice can simply login and add/delete/edit main menu and drop-down menu items.


Dr. Stillson’s office can easily create search engine friendly blog posts.

Patient Portal Integration

I embedded Stillson OBGYN’s patient portal and appointment manager into the site.

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