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What I did @ Adobe


UI Design

AEM Content Authoring

  • Created and modified Experience & Content Fragments
  • Led “walkthroughs” to demonstrate and teach State of Oklahoma personnel on how to manage fundamental AEM authoring tasks

Tools & Skills

CMS Platform

  • Adobe Experience Manager Touch UI 6.5

UI Design:

  • Adobe XD
  • InVision

Editing tools:

  • CSS compiler
  • HTML
  • Photoshop

The Highlight


I coordinated with Adobe designers and developers in the AEM Migration of the existing Agency Websites from various platforms (such as WordPress and Drupal) to the Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 platform.


Adobe AEM Content Author


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AEM Content Authoring

I was part of Adobe’s AEM Migration Team.

We were tasked with taking a number of Oklahoma State Agency websites (of which there were more than 20 separate websites with 1,000s of individual pages and assets) and migrating the entire sites from their respective platform (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) to Adobe AEM 6.5 Touch UI.

This involved authoring 100’s of pages, editing both pages and components for CSS & HTML, as well as cropping and editing visual assets through Photoshop and Lightroom.

scott sanok aem authoring adobe

aem walkthrough


I led a number of Client-Facing presentations, both prior to and after our “Go-Live” deployments.

In these, I walked through and demonstrated to State of OK Agency Leads the site architecture and design, as well as how and why to perform fundamental AEM Authoring tasks.

The presentations were well-received by both the State Agency Leads, as well as my direct reports at Adobe.

AEM Components, XFs and CFs

My day-to-day activities included editing & modifying AEM Components, Experience Fragments & Content Fragments, in order to create variations of an experience for specific use-cases.

I was also tasked with keeping the Experience Fragment variations in sync with the use of the respective Live Copy.

Deployment: Accessibility QA

I conducted cross-browser and mobile environment QA testing, based on Apple Human Interface Guidelines, Material Design and American Disabilities Act (ADA) best practices; and documented and worked with our Design & Development Teams to resolve any issues.

Design System Consistency

Part of my role was to test the site for quality issues, device resolution and compatibility, accessibility and to document and report any instances to Design & Development departments. In many cases, however, I was given the leeway to make changes by CSS/HTML and/or copy changes in order to meet ours and web design and accessibility standards.

aem design system

Digital Asset Management (the “DAM”)

I also was tasked with organizing and maintaining specific asset folders, including images, documents and videos.

Part of this was creating and maintaining proper naming conventions, tagging and “alt” tag management.

My photoshop skills came into play quite often, as images sometimes needed cropping and/or Lightroom enhancements.

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